At Random Acts Of Kindness Clothing we care about people, animals and the environment. We are conscious of the negative impact that companies and their products can have on the environment, including the people they subsequently interact with.

With this in mind, Random Acts Of Kindness Clothing has set out to sell products from eco friendly sources.

Eco Friendly Cotton

Our T-shirts are sourced from a manufacturer that runs a pro active ‘social responsibility program' and are members of the ‘Fair Wear’ foundation. This means they work closely with the businesses and community, making sure there are no under age or forced labourers, they are paid the living wage and their working conditions are safe and ethical.

Along with this, the T-shirts are made from 100% certified organic cotton produced using new techniques that are free from pesticides and use less water, greatly reducing the  impact on the environment  compared to normal cotton crops.


By using a hemp and cotton blend in the production of our hats, we are reducing the negative impact their production has on the environment.

Hemp is rugged and can thrive in lands most crops will struggle to grow, helping farmers utilise land they were unable to before. Hemp is produced without the use of pesticides and the plants deep roots drastically reduce the effects of soil erosion and help to remove toxins from the soil. This all contributes to looking after the environment and the people involved.

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