About Us

Random Act Of Kindness Clothing isn't your normal clothing brand. Our main purpose isn't to clothe the faceless masses but to reach out to people, connect, and spread a message.

We believe a large proportion of the worlds inhabitance has started loosing its connection with the planet and each other. This trend sadly seems to be slowly increasing. We all need to work together to stop this happening, before its too late and we become disconnected.

Random Acts Of Kindness Clothing feels one way to stop this happening and to encourage others to join the movement is by performing 'Random Acts Of Kindness'. Encourage and lead by example, perform acts in your ‘day to day’ life, make differences where you can, help change the world around you and reconnect.

Even the smallest gesture; a smile, can start a chain of events.

Being kind to a fellow member of this planet, whether that be human, animal or the environment, not only installs kindness into the subject of your act but adds to your own current state of existence. Your smile may lift someone’s mood or potentially completely change the outlook of their day.

This might seem like a daunting task, but its one we can easily achieve by working together.

Always remember, no matter how small an act you perform, it's enough.

Show people kindness.

Help spread the message and influence the world around you.

Peace & Love

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