Setting out one afternoon with the simple idea of helping some people, we took to the streets of Cardiff. The weather was cold, wet and windy, but that just spurred us on knowing the help we gave would be that little bit more appreciated. After wandering around and finding most people weren't braving the weather, and with the sun setting, we thought we would call it a day and started to head back to the car.
 On the way we wondered past a man sitting in the rain, asking for spare change off the few people that rushed past him. Feeling my spare change might not make much of a difference to help, I offered him my jumper instead. This at least managed to put a smile on his face, and hopefully helped keep him warm for the rest of the night.

End of 2016, a friend of the company presented us with an opportunity to help a community in the Volta region of Ghana, named Sokode Etoe.

She has visited this community over the past few years, helping and giving back were she can. Unable to partake on the journey with her this time, we asked if there was any other way RAOK Clothing could help.

The answer came in donations.

Sending out some goodies. The children of the village enjoyed the books and pencils with the farmers enjoying the hats.

Starting as a side project after randomly acquiring a charity donations box, we thought it could be used to tell a story.

We would like to start by saying we haven't written this post to slate charities. All the work they do is commendable and charities help a lot of people.

We however also feel people should take some time to think about their donations and how it could possibly be better to perform an act or give some of your time, instead of your money.

Charities will happily eat up your money, and some of your donation will eventually make its way to a charitable cause. However it is easy to forget that a charity, is a buisness. A company with bosses, employes and overheads, all of which your money is used to fund, before it's used to help the cause your donating too.

Think of the difference your money could make if given directly to someone, or used to purchase a helpful item, instead of just being put in the bottomless container.

Or take money out of the equation, perform an act of kindness.

We wanted to show our t-shirts look and fit on a female model. So we started trying to thinking of a photo shoot with a little difference.

Eventually decided we could show thinking with your heart and, “its the little things that count” we worked out how to perform a random acts of kindness and get some photos taken. 
We decided to take our model to feed some ducks.
Little acts such as this one. Simply recycling food waste and connecting with the environment, are acts thats are easy performed and help. No matter how small an act of kindness is, it is worth doing.

There is always time to spread happiness and kindness in our world, and with a weekend away playing in a field at Secret Garden Party Festival approaching, we decided to take advantage and set up some promotional products for RAOK Clothing, in aim of spreading some kindness.

I roped in my friends, we suited up in the brands clothing, put on our biggest smiles and headed out into the festival. we handed out free stickers, spread the ideas of the brand and made some new friends as we went.

For the fireworks display on the saturday night, we thought of something a little different and handed out some light diffraction glasses along with the stickers. For someone who hasn't experienced these glasses before, they can help bring a little amazement into the world, producing rainbows around all light sources. The look of amazement on peoples faces when they try them on cant be beaten.

There was one act we performed that stood out. On the sunday we were all lying down enjoying the sun. We had a big inflatable duck chilling right in the middle of our group. A slightly confused girl stumbled in and lay down on the duck, taking it as a bed. After saying hello and introducing ourselves we allowed the girl to take a nap and recuperate, nothing more than being friendly, but hopefully it made a big difference to her day.

It was an amazing weekend filed with smiles, happiness, love and adventure.

Cruelty to animals is a human act that many people are trying to prevent.

Unfortunately some of the simplest acts of animal cruelty seems to go overlooked. 
Often passing horses chained to the floor (tethered) on the side of the road, it shocks us that a human can treat another animal in such a way.

Having no open land to enjoy, no fresh grass, and forced to breath in polluted  air produced by passing traffic.

It’s simply upsetting.

When ever it is possible we will stop and say hello, and sometimes giving them a little treat. We hope this treatment will help them see there is still love in the world.

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